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annie shattered

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moved on... [Sep. 4th, 2006|06:20 pm]
annie shattered
Hi there, I'm moving along, so please visit this missdarkmood livejournal to add me again...
I hope see you there!

Yep, I had a great birthday...
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Her name still being Samy... [Aug. 30th, 2006|04:25 pm]
annie shattered
[Current Location |I wish to be in Hogwarts again...]
[mood |coldfreakin' coooold!]
[music |One - U2 e a tiazinha lá...]

It started with a pretty little girl, nine years old and long black hair called Samy. Right, we already know that story, but for some funny way she became more than just "teh Samy"...
How can I explain? I dunno cause it was so confuse!
She never visit me, she belongs to a trilogy of japonese horror with a likely girl called Sadako, but for some reason I dunno why, she was lifted to another level of affettion.
Perhaps she's a good girl... Or maybe the song is so pathetic - yeah, it is - and it calls attention from everyone.
*now sit down and listen to a campfire tale*
Once upon a time... I was just playing some chords in my dear Portman, Re (D) and Sol (G), nothing else better than it and begun to write something like that:
"I have a little fella who likes to scare she has nine years old and a long black hair... Lalala..."
No big deal... Then I finished the lyrics with Samara Morgan's biografy!!!
I got some reasons to play that song to my dear friends, cause it was so funny and unreal, and at the same time so lovely! Well coincidences happens all the time, and Katrina Hurricane came down to USA an week later I finished the song. And Samy lived in New Orleans... o.O Yay! I talked with my friends, "No, I will change this stupid lyric, she cannot live in N.O. It's not fair.", but I thank now who said to me: "Don't care! The music is fine! Screwed it!"... I'm not so rude like this...
So I left it... The song became a legend, to someday (a while ago) I played in our reheasal, Danny brought the violin solo and Ivolino just put that tinny-winny pretty thing of chinese strings at the begin of the song. That's it, Samy was born. When Tia Rica e Luis came to our trio, she put a jingle of axe-music/samba/whatever to extend the song to introduce ourselves on the stage and Luis made a weird bass to her, just like Mario Bros theme =^.^=
But coincidences happens all the time, right? Yeah, I was walking along with Danny, singing Samy so loudly and when we crossed the street, baaaaam! The guy behind us was knocked down by a damn car... In our front, and we sang Samy!!! Yaaaay!!! That was creepy...
Almost 2 years passed by and Samy is recorded in our first cd and she's the final song of our shows, everybody laughs and sings and don't understand a fuck about this little girl with long black hair, who walks around New Orleans at the Halloween and lives inside a stony well...
Samara Morgan is a psycho kid, I cannot lie, but I don't understand WTH the people who goes to our shows wants to heard her song... It's a kind morbid I think...
There you go... Samara Morgan lives in that well with her kitty... But why Sadako didn't kick her off?!Collapse )
By the way... I heard Samy grow up and appears in some another horror movie... (???) And I wait like an optimistic to see her in Silent Hill Movie - even though I know she wasn't there in the game...
Now I'll take my popcorn and watch the Ring-u again, haha...
Haha, her mother's name is Anna Morgan? Seriously? I shall call someone with Ana Morgan, I just love the first name... (Not because of my elder sister, who called Ana Carolina, but "Ana" in Latim means: "No" of denial, haha!)
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Rindo pra não chorar [Aug. 28th, 2006|06:08 pm]
annie shattered
[Current Location |keio drumi sow...]
[mood |numbkapóft...]
[music |High - do tiozim Blunt do Fiófó]

Não custa nada escrever em portuga nham?
Começo o estágio supervisionado amanhã, estou tremendo as canelinhas praticamente, deixei beeeem claro pra tia da escola que eu NÃO vou dar aulas, NÃO vou substituir professor algum e que NÃO tenho noção ALGUMA do que seja esse tréco de ensinar...
Cara isso é super estranho, estava eu falando uns anos atrás que não iria de jeito maneira fazer isso e agora sou obrigada senão fico devendo matéria...
Mas espero qu ea experiência mude a minha forma de ver o ensino brasileiro.
Nham, que mais que aconteceu?

O cd da banda está quase pronto, faltam só as vozes, gravaremos lá para setembro, pois o meu gêmulo Hydora pegou uma virose de mandos tão terrenha que esse final de semana todo que ficamos na casa do baixista Luís - jogando Zelda, comendo besteira e falando abobrinha - ele tava numa febre horrenda - incrível como ele ainda estava lúcido... Ou não?

Seilá o que houve na minha vida social, o povo da banda não me larga, a gente se diverte, se estrumbica, mas tá todo mundo junto, acho que isso se chama confiança, nham?
*coisa que anda em falta no estoque*

O violão novo foi batizado e canonizado de Claire - por causa de certa personagem no meu livro Drumstorm, aí é outra história, vcs vão ter que vir aki óh pra ver sobre o que eu trato - terei que escutar James Blunt pro resto da semana ATÉÉÉ decorar a maledeta música do Fiófó - se bem que High é legas... O cd é legas em si, mas essa do Fiófó já encheu, meu!

E tem uma pancada de coisa pra fazer ainda e eu gostei de escrever na língua de Caminha e de Camões - não, tendências slash não são procuradas ao se falar essa frase ambígüa!

E nham, seilá, visitem o Arthica.net e o nosso mais novo Fórum Arthicos para verem as notícias da banda e baixar as músicas.

Ps: e como não pode faltar - e como não consigo me conformar com as eleições, inventei essas aki:
Esses candidatiuuus vc iria voltar sow!Collapse )
Eu voto no tiozão do Senadoooooo!!!
PsII: Beeeetany, cherie, eu preciso da sua ajudaaaa!!!
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Nienna Lives!!! [Aug. 7th, 2006|09:08 pm]
annie shattered
[Tags|, , ]
[Current Location |Please, send me to Silent Hill!!!]
[mood |shockedO...M...F...G...]
[music |Niennaaaaa!!!]

Nienna Lives!!!
*fangirl mode on*

Oh dear, Call me when you're sober
And this is a girl who sings just like Nienna so I felt I'm nearly to die on envy of her...
And for Mandos's Sake!!! Pyramid Head from Silent Hill too!!!

Ps: Still don't get it the lyrics... Vampires get high?! "Call me when you're sober... sober..."
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2006|09:38 pm]
annie shattered
[mood |contentcontent]

Changing the layout like I change my shirt, I can't help it...
Great news in www.arthica.net and finally I could post 3 of lots of chapters from my dear almost-there-book Drumstorm in my website

And I'll do a mood theme for this girl, yeah, yeah...
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Nope,I'm not dead... [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:41 pm]
annie shattered
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Se vc é jovem ainda, jovem ainda, jovem ainda...]

My little chuchus just arrived!!!
Ju,Lilica,Mateus and my little elder-sister Aninha.
I'm happy as I can be!!!
Ps: Back to school ¬¬ godammit...
I dunno why but I had to laugh about it:
'Do you have a favourite type of tree?'
Dido replies: One that I can climb without killing myself.

Yeaaaaah, my little elvish sister rooooocks!!!
I just read it on her official website and even if this quote is a quite fool, I thought is a great punch-line...
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Cause I'm bored! [Jul. 11th, 2006|05:01 pm]
annie shattered
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Shatteres - The Cranberries]

Yeah, so I did a lots of stupid icons...

shattered by your weakness, shattered by your smile... lalalaCollapse )
And I didn't put them in a exactly order...
I know that ones is all about "Sanity is relative" and some is to Hermione/Fleur and other with Nienna a.k.a. Amy Lee wants to kill me...
Oh yeah! Irish Karma!!!
Dude I'm feeling soooo zzzzzzz...

Ps: This song *points to music* is an inspiration to fanfics...
Thanks Dolores...
Ps2: I have to go home cause I found Xena - Warrior Princess is the MOST of fun to a Slash Writer like me - yeah, I'm lazy to find out it early ¬¬
Ps3: Duuuuude, go to You Tube and watch our videos, duuuude, it wasn't me there! I have a huge theory about Matrix!!!
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WE ARE ON THE RADIO STATION!!! [Jun. 30th, 2006|04:36 pm]
annie shattered
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |I'm in heaven right now & I don't wanna come down!]
[mood |jubilantjubilant]
[music |Even If - Corrs]

*having some mind attacks and passed out right now*

We, the Arthica Band, yeah, yeah, we are on the Radio Station!!!
I heard it right now, when I was going off home to work and I just turned on the radio - Radio Central 87,9fm Betim City - and...
And I've been in love all night and I've been lose... lalala

For Eru's & Nienna's Sake, I'm feeling so proud of myself... *breathless*
Everything finally is changing! Haha, I'm feeling that something will happen to us, and yeah, I want Pringles and M&M's in my dressing room =^-^=

Ps: Previous Light was our song played on the radio... And guess who wrote this one?
*points to herself*
PsII: Thanks St.Patrick for give me such lovely day!
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My new mood theme! [Jun. 28th, 2006|05:35 pm]
annie shattered
[Current Location |I wish to be in... a hot place!]
[mood |coldfreaky cold!!!]
[music |Shiver - Coldplay]

*fireworks and many spark things*
yay! I've changed my mood theme!
I made it ALL myself, I took the pics, I changed the size and... Awww I'm so proud of myself now...
*hugs herself*

Selene from Underworld, of corrs it has to be her, cause I can't think anyone else except my dear lovely Underworld Vampiress...
*hugs herself again*

Anyway, I just came here to say it and remind everyone who lives near me that our next show i'll be July 7, next friday!!!
See you soon darlings!
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Arthica Official Website [Jun. 16th, 2006|01:32 pm]
annie shattered
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |I should be in home right now]
[mood |busytectectelecoteco]
[music |See you soon - Coldplay]

*squeeeee mode³ on*

Okay, I know, I'm off, but this incredible news I'd have to post here!!!


It's alive!!!
Our first official website!!!
Our band is online right now, and I hope you guys visit and comment about us.
Nham, sorry it's all Portuguese, but soon as possible I'll do a English version.
Oh yeah, Max Summers who made some videos from our band here
And this one makes me laugh sooo much, cause I hate sooo much this song, but these girls just screwed all up, haha. Lovely!

Hope you guys have some fun this weekend,
I'll see you soon!

xx Miss Darkmood xx
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